The Laptop Lifestyle? 6 years on

man-with-notebook-02Well would you believe it?  It’s 6 years this month since I first ventured into learning about Internet marketing. It was October 2009 that I made my first visit to the O2 Centre in London to listen to Andrew Reynolds’ Entrepreneurs Bootcamp where the lineup of speakers  included Armand Morin,Simon Coulson,Adam Ginsberg (eBay Megastar),Tom Hua, Brett McFall , Pat Mesiti and Andy Harrington.

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The previous 25 years I have been working very long hours running my own taxi business which meant myself and four other drivers transporting hospital patients for their dialysis treatment every day six days a week, working on average 12 hours per day.  I had been doing this particular contract for the previous 10 years and would probably still be doing it now if the recession hadn’t come along and they decided to use volunteer drivers instead of paid ones.

So what was an ex taxi business owner doing at the London O2 Centre,  I’d been receiving Andrew Reynolds monthly Modules called “Cash On Demand”. Each Paperback Module arrived each month and was devoured in about 30 mins and then I had to wait another month for the next one, each time the anticipation and excitement used to grow as I wondered what gems I was going to learn that would take me one step closer to living that Laptop Lifestyle.

Cash On Demand System…

Andrew Reynolds Cash on DemandI remember that each module all seemed to start with the words now imagine you’re on your own boat and running your Internet Business from anywhere in the world imagine how that would feel, the first 10 pages or so it seemed, of each new module were spent talking about what it would be like rather than telling you how to do it!  So there I was 3 years ago picturing hard what it would be like, so hard in fact I could smell the sea air! and really believed that within the next 12 months I would be working from my home office in my pyjamas.

After about 4 or 5 months of this I remember one module that came up with the idea that someone had designed a plastic case that fitted around a banana to stop it getting bruised when he took it to work!?  I gave him a second chance as it was shortly after this that I got a card in the post from Andrew  inviting me to the O2 centre for the 2009 Boot Camp, all we had to do to qualify for a ticket was make a contribution of 149 to  the Make-A-Wish Foundation that helps children that are very ill, that was a good enough reason for me,  I could go and build on my Internet Marketing education and  help children at the same time!  So off I went on the train to London and booked in to one of the grottiest hotels in London,  just across the road from the really nice one that all the well established marketers were staying in.


The Step By Step Way To Get Rich “Click”


WarpSpeedI really enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by several thousand people that were all interested in learning about Internet Marketing it made a pleasant change from talking to family members who got a glazed look in their eyes before telling you they don’t want hear about Internet marketing it’s so boring!  They just don’t understand.  At the O2 centre I met quite a few people that wanted to talk about Internet marketing all the time, bliss.  One of the speakers at the 2009 Bootcamp was Brett McFall and I was soon enrolled in his “Warpspeed” Course and we were all to be known as Warpies.  This course consisted of 2 DVD’s that were sent from Australia every month for 12 months and cost some ridiculous amount of money that I am too ashamed to admit to and you didn’t even get to speak to him!



YourNetBizThe next thing to catch my eye was called “My Internet Business” that became known as “YourNeBiz”,  they said you could make $2000 per sale and that people would be falling over themselves to buy these replicated websites that were packed with PLR (Private Label Rights, meaning you could rebrand them and put your own name to them),  you could use them to both educate yourself and resell, what they didn’t tell you was that it was nigh on impossible to get anybody to join it because there was so much competition from guys that were earning $10,000 and $20,000 per month but were spending $15,000 of that on advertising and unless you had $15,000 per month to spend on advertising too, you had no chance of competing with them especially as most of them are using PPC (pay per click) at the time which didn’t require any SEO skills.


The Warrior Forum…


The Warrior ForumIt was about this time that I discovered the Warrior Forum and this was full of lots of shiny objects that were ever so cheap in comparison, so I started gathering them thinking they would come in handy in the future! Some of them have, but many of them haven’t, all of this served to increase my knowledge of how Internet marketing worked but it also led to information overload and it was only after meeting Alex Jeffreys and joining one of his courses that I realised the best approach was not to be someone that was buying everything and continuously stuck in education mode, but one who was doing the selling and as Alex always says, “don’t look at what’s being sold but look at how they are selling it”.


Alex Jeffreys Marketing With You…

Alex JeffreysI joined Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy in August 2012 which contains lots of upto date information in the training area under such titles as Forward To Marketing, Funnel Focus Formula, Membership Coaching (to help you set up your own Membership site) and Operation WSO (Warrior Special Offers). But the main benefit of being part of the Coaching Academy is that we get direct access to Alex Jeffreys once a week where he answers all your questions, gets you past your sticking points and points you in the right direction. It also helps us to remain focused as each week in the private Facebook Group we put down the next three things we’re going to do that week so that we are accountable to actually get on and do it. But in reality I did not make much progress until I linked up with Patric Chan, wish I’d met him 6 years ago, it would have saved a lot of time and Frustration, Click Here For Free Help.

So despite not making the progress that I had hoped for in the last three years my dream of giving up the day job seems closer now that I have an approachable Mentor  in the form of Patric Chan and I hope you will follow my journey as I take his advice towards that goal. Please feel free to leave comments at the end of this post and tell me about your journey and how it’s going for you and what has been your “turning point”.


One thought on “The Laptop Lifestyle? 6 years on

  1. Donna

    Hi John,

    I can certainly relate to your story – being given the dream lifestyle as the end result, but not getting the right answers to get you there. It can be a frustrating and costly cycle to be sure! Like you, I’ve also spent a lot of money in hopes that this one would be the last one to get me there.

    I am also part of Alex Jeffreys coaching group and I feel very fortunate to have connected with him. Alex knows what it takes to build a serious online business and he is sharing that information and pointing us in the right direction to succeed. With Alex as our guide, I have a positive sense that both of us will be taking our businesses to the next level!

    Thanks for sharing your story John. I look forward to working with you more in our group. :)



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